Top 5 AWFUL things about the EU

    As we all know, being in the EU comes with loads of issues. That's why we will stop at NOTHING until we are out. Here are just a few things that grind my gears:

    1. The Germans

    They’re just so clean and polite and better than us at football. It’s really f’cking annoying.

    2. Jean-Claude Junker

    Nigel Farage is the ONLY politician who’s allowed to publicly drink alcohol. Everyone else is just a FRAUD.

    3. The Polish

    Coming over here. Fixing stuff. It shouldn’t be allowed.

    4. The Euro

    I hate the Euro. Every time we spend money we SHOULD be reminded of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, or at least a great wartime leader like Winston Churchill or Nigel Farage (Brexit is a WAR).

    5. The Location

    Like my esteemed colleague Dr David Bull, I was outraged to learn that the European Parliament is in Europe, and not somewhere more convenient like England.

    6. The languages

    There are simply too many languages in the European Union – 24! French, German, Spanish, it’s ridiculous. How can anyone keep up? It’s about time we stopped putting tax payers’ money into teaching foreign languages at school and just speak English!

    7. The Germans

    Seriously, if they win another World Cup I’m going to be sick.

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